• Bullseye


    Bullseye Glass Company is a manufacturer of colored glass for art and architecture with worldwide distribution and a strong commitment to research, education, and promoting glass art. Our glass is handcrafted in our factory, based in Portland, Oregon. Since 1974, we have collaborated with a community of artists worldwide and have been instrumental in developing many of the fundamental materials and methods at the core of contemporary kiln-glass.

  • Cascade Metals

    Cascade Metals

    Cascade Lead Products was established in 1971 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Since then we have developed a wide range of lead, zinc, copper and brass came profiles used in stained glass art and the french door and window industry.

  • Creative Paradise

    Creative Paradise

    Creative Paradise is dedicated to providing innovative projects and tools to light the creative fire in every artist. Plaster molds for casting ceramics, plaster forms to aid the clay hand building artist and potter as well as the world’s most innovative line of earthenware molds for glass artists are designed and manufactured at our facility in Goddard, KS.

  • Fusion Headquarters

    Fusion Headquarters

    Dedicated to providing quality products while also spreading our love of glass fusing by sharing our knowledge with you. We ourselves are glass artists and we are committed to supporting our glass community.

  • Glassline


    The Glassline Pens are used as a lining and shading material for glass. They're simple in design, easy to use, and can be thinned with water. A metal tip set is recommended for fine line drawings on glass.

  • Oceanside


    As the new manufacturer of Spectrum glass products, Oceanside Glass & Tile is also undertaking the creation of a new website for its recently acquired art glass business.

  • Olympic


    Olympic Kilns began manufacturing kilns in Seattle, Washington and derives its name from the Olympic Mountains. As the company grew so did its product lines to include electric, gas and glass kilns for the hobbyist, production artist and manufacturer of finished fired ware.

  • RKO Designs

    RKO Designs

    These fine line sifters from RKO Designs are perfect tools to use if you want to draw with powdered glass 

  • Skutt


    We like to think we make the best kiln on the market but the thing we excel most at is our reputation for caring about our customers. The thing is… proper caring takes everyone from the President of the company to the truck driver who brings it to your door and everyone in-between. Please take some time and explore the tabs above. 

  • Spectrum


    Today, on the eve of its 25th anniversary, the company with humble beginnings has maintained its values to serve over 50,000 artists, designers, architects, builders and homeowners throughout the world. Each year Oceanside Glass & Tile (OGT) innovates to bring new, creative materials for artists, designers and builders. 

  • Venture Tape

    Venture Tape

    In our 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division, we apply the science of adhesion to deliver innovative solutions that improve the design and manufacturing processes of companies around the world. In the end, our technologies help customers like you deliver competitive products to the market faster and more efficiently.

  • Wissmach


    The Paul Wissmach Glass Company Inc, has made glass since 1904. We constantly introduce new colors and types of glass to meet the demands of today's glass artists.